Different behaviour

After only a few days already, I think it’s safe to say that millipedes are very individual animals.

Cage Alpha
Male #1, Jack, is very much like me. Lazy and not very easily bored, he spends most of his life sleeping – moving only when it’s time to feed. Au contraire from male no3, Jack doesn’t seem that driven to reproduce his genes.
Female #1, Jessie, is by far more active than her male friend. Rarely hiding and spending most of her time cleaning or eating.

Cage Beta
Male #2 seems to be very lazy, much like Jack. He’s found a nice place he likes and stays there, moving only for food. Should he catch his friends mating, he tries to get in the game, but never makes it. However, he’s managed to get the female accept his charm a few times, one-on-one.
Male #3 is the womanizer, no doubt. Every time the female makes a move, he’s right there, always trying to get some. And surprisingly enough, he manages to seduce her, almost on every attempt. Though she let him do his moves, she’s not so willing to accept his sperm package. Two out of three times, she refuses the package and lets him take care of it on his own. I haven’t been able to see what exactly he’s doing with the sperm. Either he’s eating it up, or he’s retracting the sperm sack into the gonopods again.
Female #2 is in every way the most active of them all – always moving around the cage, eating trice as much as the others and rarely sleeps. Should she decide to sleep, it’s only for an hour or so.

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