A guy walks into a pet shop and says to the owner, “I need a really special pet for my son.”
The pet shop owner, of course, has “just the thing” for him.
“How about this talking millipede? It’s only $400. It won’t talk here, but if you take it home to a good family environment, it will talk at length on any subject,” said the store owner.
The guy is pretty skeptical, but he pays the money and takes the millipede home in it’s little cardboard millipede house.
The father takes it into the son’s room and says, “Son, I’ve got a really special pet for you, it’s a talking millipede.”
The son replies, “Yeah, right, Dad. Let’s see.”
The son turns to the millipede house, and says into the little doorway, “let’s go to the park.”
There’s bit of a scuffling sound, but the millipede stays in it’s house and doesn’t say anything.
The son puts his face right up to the doorway and yells, “Hey! Let’s go to the park!” Same result.
Meanwhile, dad’s thinking of ways to kill the pet shop owner and son is beginning to think this is another of dad’s duds.
The boy picks up a hardcover textbook in order to mash the millipede house and screams into the doorway, “I SAID, LET’S GO TO THE PARK– NOW!”
He’s just about to crash the book down when the millipede pokes his head out the door and yells back, “YEAH! YEAH! Hold your horses. I’m just putting on my shoes!”

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