MMS2WP is a WordPress 2.x plugin, designed to post MMS messages into WordPress.

Acting as a MMSC, MMS2WP can receive, decode and post MMS messages with attached files to WordPress. It can also create thumbnails, rotate pictures and post to any category. Based on WP-MMS plugin by J. Otis Riggins.

Download (58 kB)

Unpack into your WordPress plugin directory:


  1. Activate MMS2WP plugin in your WordPress Admin Panel.
  2. Test the plugin, using “Use Test File for Input” option.
  3. Setup your cellphone to use mms2wp-server.php as MMSC (may also be labeled Service Center, MMS Center, MMS Server or Homepage). With some operators it’s also required to change the internet access point, since the default one does not allow MMSC’s outside their own net. I suggest trying the same access point as used for internet browsing or WAP
  4. Setup a WordPress user, using the last n digits of your phone number as username (Nickname) according to the “# of Significant Digits” setting.
    User shuld be Author or higher in order to post, or Editor for unfiltered posts.

For a more detailed setup guide, see here.

Create a MMS message and send it to any receiver (unless you have “Authenticate by TO: only” checked). If an image is included, it will be uploaded to wordpress and attached to the post. There are also some commands that can be used anywhere inside the MMS message body. These can always be written two ways:
command:value with an ending whitespace or command:long value with spaces:: with ending double colons.

rotate:nnn Rotate image nnn degrees clockwise. This affects all included images in the message.
subject:xxx xxx:: Set Post Subject (Title). If this is omitted, the MMS subject is used. If none of these exists, the default MMS2WP setting will be used.
cat:nnn or cat:xxx Post category. This may be either the category ID or Name. If omitted, WordPress “Default post by mail category” will be used.
status:publish|draft Post status.

No support, no updates.
MMS2WP will not work with WordPress v2.3 (and later?) since the authors of WordPress decided to change the database anatomy. Again.


  • 0.1.5 – 14 October 2006
    Bug: User ID:s were not handled nicely.
    Found by Sammy
  • 0.1.4 – 25 September 2006
    Bug: Post slugs were not correct.
    Found by Sam
  • 0.1.3 – 23 September 2006
    Feature: Disable usage of MMS subject field. Some phones won’t allow editing of this field. Command ‘subject::’ still available of course.
  • 0.1.2a – 8 July 2006
    Feature: mms2wp-server.php can now be moved/copied to parent folders, up to WordPress root folder (same as wp-config.php) since some phones has problems with long URLs.
  • 0.1.1a – 7 July 2006
    Bug : Picture attachment caused extra empty post when using thumbnails
    Bug : Thumbnails are now always created, but not always used.
  • 0.1a – 6 July 2006
    Initial release, based on wp-mms plugin by J. Otis Riggins
    * All code rewritten.
    * File uploads uses WordPress 2.x upload functions.
Comments (35)
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Pingback — 7 August 2006 kl 15:32 #

Vad är det för skillnad på MMS2WP och WP-MMS?

Har försökt att sätta upp WP-MMS men har inte fattat hur jag konfigurerar telefonen, en sonyericsson k750i.

Du kanske kan ge något tips?

mvh. Jonas

Comment — 7 August 2006 kl 21:37 #

The difference between WP-MMS and MMS2WP featurewise is that MMS2WP uses WP2.x style for file uploads, inserting them into the database as posts. Inline commands for subject, category, image rotating and so, is new. Apart from that, everything has been restructured and rewritten, preparing for future features.
WP-MMS has a fatal error in mmsdecoder.php included with 0.51, causing a script halt.

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Pingback — 13 September 2006 kl 15:53 #

Has anyone configured this to a Nokia 6101 phone? I just can’t find out what options to change.. (using Saunalahti as a operator here in Finland)

Comment — 23 September 2006 kl 02:15 #

The correct Connection Point is probably

I will send you an email with some more clues.

Comment — 23 September 2006 kl 09:24 #

Just letting you know, this plugin doesn’t add the post slug correcty.

Comment — 25 September 2006 kl 17:57 #

Thank you Sam!
I think I’ve got it right now. The code was already in there, but commented out. Can’t remember why though, hope I didn’t introduce new bugs now :)

Comment — 25 September 2006 kl 21:14 #
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Pingback — 7 October 2006 kl 21:03 #

Hi Strip, I installed your script, and it’s a great script, just what I need.
My problem is, when I post MMS using my SE K-508, the div class parameter is gone, only give me a plain div ().
While if I’m testing using your test file, its normal.
Can you tell me what’s wrong?

Comment — 13 October 2006 kl 13:10 #

Thank you Sammy!
That’s a bug you’ve found, nothing wrong with your settings. I’ve corrected this in 0.1.5.
Upgrade MMS2WP and set your user to ‘Editor’ or higher for nicely formatted posts.

Comment — 14 October 2006 kl 12:16 #

I don’t understand your guide dude..

Have installed the script and done that thing with the cellphone but now I’m stuck.. :(

I don’t know what to do.

Thanks for a nice script anyhow.

Kasper from Denmark

Comment — 9 November 2006 kl 14:54 #

Hi – I’m using a T-Mobile MDA Pro (the big fat phone with rotating screen). I’ve unzipped the mms2wp folder to the plugins directory, enabled it, disabled wp-mms, and checked the settings.
I set the significant digits to 9, made a user with a username of the last 9 digits of my number, and set that user to Author.
In the MMS configuration, server screen on my phone I set the Gateway and the Server Address to a short URL on the server and set htaccess to do a permanent redirect to the true path to the mms2wp-server.php script. (I had to do this as the full path is too long for the Gateway/Server Address fields in my phone!)

I’ve tried using Connect Via: T-Mobile Internet (the default, and I do have a data plan) and also Connect Via: The Internet.

No luck! The message never gets sent, just tries a few times and gives up.
However, when I use the test file for input it works very nicely.

I got the same result with the WP-MMS code, although I read about its error that halts the script, so the problem may be different.

Might it be the htaccess step? I know that’s working correctly, but I don’t know if it might affect the MMS sending process.

Any ideas? Suggestions? I would *love* to be able to blog using MMS!


Comment — 13 December 2006 kl 13:53 #

I have made a more detailed guide. I hope it works.

Comment — 20 December 2006 kl 19:06 #

hi.. thanks for this great plugin. However, though i think i did everyhtin right, i get this error message on the test page:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ‘$’ in [wordpress directory]/wp-content/plugins/mms2wp/mms2wp-server.php on line 473

any idea on what might be going wrong?

thank you so much! :)

Comment — 9 January 2007 kl 20:55 #

This looks like a PHP version problem. What version are you using?

Comment — 9 January 2007 kl 21:52 #

I’m getting the same php problem:
Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_VARIABLE’ or `’$” in [wordpress directory]/wp-content/plugins/mms2wp/mms2wp-server.php on line 473

php version is 5.0.4
any ideas?
thanks alot

Comment — 15 January 2007 kl 23:30 #

dewald, in this case I have no idea at all. PHP 5.0+ should handle references in foreach loops.

Comment — 20 January 2007 kl 13:39 #
Mats Hulldin

I´ve installed the script and was looking forward to using it but I can´t get the whole adress in the mms settings. It only allows a certain number of characters… Am i making any sense? This is what I try to type in…

This is too long for my phone… I am using a SE K800 locked to 3.

Comment — 21 January 2007 kl 20:15 #

Mats, if you are on an Apache server, you may want to consider using mod_rewrite to redirect the phone.

Another solution may be copying mms2wp-server.php to a parent folder: and maybe even rename the file:

Remember that s2wp-server.php cannot be located “above” WordPress’ own folder.

Comment — 21 January 2007 kl 21:07 #
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Pingback — 2 February 2007 kl 16:25 #

This plugin is crap. Same thing…

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ‘$’ in [wordpress directory]/wp-content/plugins/mms2wp/mms2wp-server.php on line 473

Comment — 5 February 2007 kl 01:46 #

dear looks like a good plugin but it is not working with me. i am using shared unix hosting and my server status showing the PHP version 4.4.3 , what next cant it work on this version of PHP i think i cant upgrade the PHP on server as it is share hosting and they are not going to upgrade for one user.

any help ??
thanks in advance.

Comment — 25 February 2007 kl 06:07 #

Try this version and see if it works for you. I haven’t tested it at all so I have no clue if it works or not.

Comment — 25 February 2007 kl 12:20 #

Hey! I’m also using the Finnish operator Saunalahti, but I’m have not been able to get any messages through to my server. Was there any known functioning configuration found?

BTW does the MMS need some ports open in the Firewall?

Thanks for this plugin, it seems very nice :)

Comment — 4 March 2007 kl 23:33 #

Don’t bother asking for help here if you can’t provide a valid email address:

Error Type: SMTP
Error Description: Error message from remote server
Message: 550 unknown recipient.

MMS2WP does not require an open port of its own, it uses the same as your web server (80 usually).

Comment — 7 March 2007 kl 21:46 #

hey, your script is wonderful.. but that’s a pitty i can’t make it work. First of all i had the same parse error as others, but when I tried 0,16b2 version, i don’t get it, but there’s nothing happening at all. I get blank page in the browser and that’s all.. i’m lookink forward hearing from you.

Anyways, congrats on good work :)

Comment — 22 March 2007 kl 00:57 #
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Pingback — 20 May 2007 kl 09:54 #

Hi Strip,

I am just wondering if there is a fix available for the parser error that some people have experienced?

I get the same error when I try to run your test script. Too bad as I found the plugin really good.

I guess my search for an easy way to post with my mobile and WordPress goes on.

Thx anyway :-)


Comment — 17 June 2007 kl 11:56 #

I have some trouble setting up your mms2wp plugin for wp 2.0 with a sony ericsson k550i phone. At first, I had to remove a “&” character at line 473 in the mms2wp-server.php and another one that i dont remember in line 478 or 479 to prevent error messages. The significant digits function does not work, even if i use it in wp with the test file only: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_set_current_user() in /home/www/web26/html/wp-content/plugins/mms2wp/mms2wp-server.php on line 149
If i check the “allow anyone to post” button, only text is posted, pictures get lost.
Hope you can help

Comment — 1 July 2007 kl 00:15 #

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