This is NOT my game. I don’t have TIME to be sick.
My day:
Waking up
Sayin’ goodbye to my love :(
Watching “13 days” :)
Watching “Hannibal” (Bad, bad BAD movie, don’t waste your money):mad:
Watching “A.I.” :rolleyes:
Watching “Little Nicky” :D

That was my day…
*Goin’ for a beer*


I’m SICK!!! Poor me… I really hate being sick!! Just sitting here, nothing much to do and even If I had something useful to do, I don’t have the energy to do it :mad:
We have way too much to do at work, and here I am, AT HOME??? Not fair to the others. Makes me feel even worse.


I got myself a nice cd-writer yesterday. All these years I’ve wanted to get one, but it kind of never happened. Now I have one and I’m very happy. :)


FTP-server is online again.


FTP-server will be closed for some time.


Seems that my dear friend Sköne celebrates his 22: nd birthday today!!
Happy birthday man!!


Aaaah… what a nice day!! I have pain in every single muscle, including my head. :) You see, yesterday, we tried this “speedway” thing. Sure it was great!! Finishing off the evening with a few beers, and later on (now) a wonderful hangover. I hear myself saying “Never again…” again… :D