Year 2002… This is one of those “palindromes” or what are they called? A number or word that looks the same backwards. You probably already thought of this, but did you think of how often this happens? Last time this happened was 1991 and next time won’t be until year 2112. That should be worth celebrating, yeah?


Switched to Apache server software… Seems a little bit more difficult to use. I haven’t even decided why I wanted to change :)


Updated My House!!! and removed some out-of-date stuff.
I finally got me that navigation thingy working too. Makes it a lot easier updating and making changes to the site.


What a wonderful morning! Snow is whiter than ever.
Thirteen degrees below magic Z and no clouds as far the eye can reach. It is a perfect day to stay indoors :rolleyes:
Maybe I should clean up this place today… I’ll think about it.


I’m bored… I’m oh so bored!!!

It’s winter here, for sure. Fifteen degrees (Celsius, not that american bull) below zero, on the other side of my bedroom window. Can’t really say that I’d like to be out there. On the other hand, I’m getting quite hungry… McDonalds or pizza? Wich one is closer…?

Ok, I’ve been smoking seventeen cigarettes since last time I wrote something here… so… In short words; I’ve got some odd news. I really don’t know how to react. Right now I’m just very confused…


So I finally got my “Pusher”!!! I’ve been waitin’ for this…


I’ll be right back… something happened here… :confused: