There I was. Thirsting for a cold beer, realizing that I’d forgotten to buy some last time I went to the store. When looking into my poorly filled fridge, I saw something glittering, far deep inside that cold, dark cave. Oh yes, it was exactly what I yearned for; a perfectly cooled cerveza, quietly waiting there to make the last hours of my day just perfect.


After fifteen hours of installation and configuration, my rear end feels a little bit “flat”. Knowing that I haven’t reached much more than half-way, suddenly makes me tired. I think I’ll allow myself a five minute break :)


Aw maan!!
I’m the best, yeah? Got me some “module” for My House!!! server that will make this place move like a blond girl on ice.
Slow day today. The working day never seems to end. Really don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling kinda low lately. I really need a change.
Btw, I read all posts in C:\News and realized that Im only writing here when I’m in a bad mode. Makes me wonder if it helps… Haven’t really taken notice of that… Maybe I should try to write some happy things too…? :rolleyes:

Free stuff!!

I’ve decided to do something for the Cyberspace inhabitants. Why not? I have plenty, and I like to share :)
Download free stuff here


So… here we go again. I can’t really do anything. Guess I’ll have to just sit here on my pretty arse, fiddling with My House!!! Today too :(
Tried to install Apache server 2.0 yesterday… Not much of a good idea. I’d say that the software isn’t really non-beta yet, despite the version number. On the other hand, the instability reminds a lot of Microsoft-ware :D


Good bordid everyode!!
Should be od by way to work, but I think I’ll pass. Got be ode of those “cold” or “flu” or whatever you call it. Id by coudtry we call it “ed fet jävla förkyldid”.
Looks like Ill have a boring day in bed. I guess I’ll have to amuse myselbf by trying to speak. It sounds quite funny :)


I’m happy today. Don’t know why. Just happy.
Sun is shining and one can feel a touch of spring in the air. Wonderful!!