Aaaah! Louise is finally up and running. “What” you say? Well, I’ve somewhat rearranged my office here hehehe. My old workstation, Beatrice, is now working in the server position. The previous server, mamma, is resting in the closet while
Louise, a new member in my family, is taking care of all the hard work. 1.7 gigahertz and all features one could wish for. Yeah, she’s a hot babe ;)


Day by day, week after week, year in and year out. Same boring routines; getting up too early, working too hard, eating to fast and sleeping too late.
Did I hear you object? No, didn’t think so, we all know that this is the poor truth. This sad cycle is what’s left of what we humans once called life. Now, we call it existence. When did it change? I wasn’t part of that decision, that’s for sure. No one’s asked me what I thought about this bright idea. Between you and me – I’m not very keen on this “life” thing.

Tomorrow is Monday – the very first corner in that circle of pain. It’ll be another week before Monday’s coming back to haunt you once more. But don’t worry, before that we have a few other ol’ friends that exist only to make the journey longer than necessary; Tuesday… Wednesday…