Today I found out that my webserver won’t respond at all, if the disk is full.
Think I have to take a look at my config…


I guess the activity last Sunday was temporary. Fossing’s not been moving very much at all since then. Not even eating.
I’m still looking for some information about how exactly these creatures behaves when moulting.


Today, Fossing’s been really active. Wondering around in the tank and even took a small bite out of the cucumber. Although, he still seems a little bit nervous, I’m not very worried about his health anymore. I still suspect that he’s about to moult, but I can’t see any signs of this on the body yet.
He’s also been introduced with my girlfriend, who actually didn’t react to violently. Of course, I’ve had to explain to her, a million times, that Fossing won’t be able to escape anymore. Whether this is true or not, is still to find out ;)

Catch up

A few days ago, my dear friend managed to escape from his casa. I found him in my kitchen, in one piece, but still very stressed. Considering the height of his terrarium and the height of the table it’s standing on, he must have suffered quite a nasty fall. Since this event, he’s not been active at all; mostly lying still, not even eating.
Of course I was worried that he’s suffering from the past experience, but hoping he was preparing to moult.


I finally got my millipede. He’s very pretty, around 12cm long, brown and black striped with light legs. So far, we have only got to know each other briefly, as I have to prepare his casa. A small plastic box is not a suitable home for a millipede; he deserves plenty of space with lots of good stuff to dig around. I’ve yet to come up with a name for him, maybe you have a good suggestion? Let me know.


I’ve decided to temporarily quit smoking. My primary goal is that from 07:00 tomorrow morning and 168 hours forward, I will survive without any form of tobacco. If I succeed with this, I’ll go for another week. Sounds like a good plan?
Now, my problem persists in where do I put all the money I will save? I simply don’t have a big enough apartment :P