And so, my other Thailand millipede died this morning.
I hope they are in a better place now.


One of my new friends passed away today.
Rest in peace, my friend.


Got two new millipedes today!


So, I’ve been dooling around with my files again. Replacing my old harddisk drive with a new one. Somehow, I managed to mess up the counter logs (AGAIN???), but I think I fixed it. I made a nifty little script for reading the .ilog:s and replace the information in _stripcantr.log data. email me if you want to try the script. I don’t want to put it online, since I’m not so sure that it’s safe to use :D


I think I’m finally getting some action in the cage. After mixing the substrate with some clean soil, and rearranging the hiding places in the cage, Fossing’s been much more active. I’ve also noticed that he likes the environment very damp, almost wet. For some reason, he doesn’t seem fond of too high temperature. Keeping the temperature around 26-27°C in the middle of the cage, daytime, seems to make him a lot more alert. Quite surprising, since he’s supposed to come from West Africa, where I presume is a lot warmer? However, he’s still easy frightened, all since the great escape.
With the camera, I can record his moves over the day, when I’m at work. The cam takes one snapshot every second, and adds it to a (DivX) video file. Since the file will be replayed at 30fps, I can review a whole day in just under twenty minutes. I’ve seen a pattern; so far, where he wakes up at the same time I do (06:00), and stay active for two or three hours. After that he’s cleaning himself and sleeps for somewhat ten hours, before the cycle repeats.
I’ve also built two infrared light modules, so I can monitor his moves at night as well. Just the opposite of what I thought, Fossing doesn’t seem to bother much about this. However I will not expose him for the infrared light very much for a start, just in case.
As of today, the spotlights are too concentrated, so I need to get some kind of diffuser, to even out the light over the cage area. I also had to modify my camera, removing the IR filter. No warranty left now hehehe :)