So, my dear friend Fossing, is dead.
I miss him so much! He was the best pet anyone could have.
Rest in peace my friend.


This morning, Fossing was as usual. Probably wasn’t very happy about his temporary home, but still appeared to be in good health. When I came home from work, he didn’t move at all. At first I thought he was dead, since he didn’t even react when I touched him. But then I noticed that some of the legs was moving a little bit. I placed the cage a little warmer (~30°C) and now, a few hours later, he’s at least moving. Slow, but moving.
I’m so worried that my friend is going to die. I have no idea why this happened. Maybe the substrate in the cage isn’t suitable for him? I’ll prepare another small cage, so that I can move him tomorrow morning again, if he’s still sick.


Four days ago, I found some bugs in Fossings cage, that shouldn’t be there. There are quickly getting more and more of them, so I’ve decided to move Fossing to another cage for now. I don’t want to kill these bugs until I’ve identified them. Hence, the old cage will remain heated and untouched for a few days more.


So, this is the dark part of the year. Continuously tired and always longing for the spring. Damn, I could use a few weeks vacation in a sunny place now…