Eggs? :)

I found something close to the food place in the cage today. It looks like a dung ball, the size of a grape and I really hope this could be eggs. However, I have not found much information about how to handle these. Did the female place them where she thought would be a suitable environment, or did she only try to have them close to the food? These questions riddle me; I have to find out soon!

The more the merrier :D

Six young infants arrived here today. I’m told that they are “Guyana Yellow Black”, Rhinocricidae ssp., and they look very cute. No longer than 10-20 mm long and obviously fond of staying under ground surface. I have put them in a tiny plastic box for now, but I guess I’ll have to arrange for a more permanent residence soon.

Welcome to hell :mad:

This morning, I overslept with three hours. Now, that is not a good start of the day. Since I first opened my eyes, everything’s gone wrong, very wrong. As for now, I just want to squeeze the last drop of freedom out of this day, before I go to bed.
Tomorrow, hopefully, my new millipedes will arrive; six little black and yellow infants. I’m quite excited about it, since they will be my first young ones. Keep an eye on the millipede section, there might appear some interesting news quite soon ;)

Countdown :D

Friday, yeah! Nine hours to freedom!

Lazy days

The last few days, both Jack and Jessie have been very lazy. Jessie has at least been eating some cucumber, but Jack doesn’t seem to move at all. I’ve also noticed that Jessie is not sleeping with Jack anymore. She’s found her own place, under another piece of bark.
So far, I haven’t been able to spot any digging activity in the cage, but there are some small pits in the soil that could be entrances to tunnels. However, I don’t want to disturb the cage more than necessary, since I hope Jessie has laid her eggs (or will do) somewhere in there.
Yet to find out is how long time the egg must be undisturbed, how long before they hatch and how sensitive they are to changes in the environment (temperature, humidity, …).

More mating!

I think Jack’s really got it all figured out, how to get Jessie in the right mood. Just wish he could figure out how to make her lay eggs. Today, I actually managed to get some (poor quality) shots of their passionate moment: Jack & Jessie mating (71 KB)


No more happiness. Eight hours from now, the wonderful feeling of freedom will be replaced with a thick taste of desperation. Seventeen days of freedom will become a fainted memory and the upcoming seven months will consist of only the desperate longing for vacation.
Tomorrow, I go back to work.


Around 01:00 last night, Jack and Jessie mated. I feel very happy about this, since it probably means that they actually like their new home, as well as each other. Now, let’s hope that Jessie decides to make babies.


Once again, I made a misstake, killing my /cgi-bin. I have to come up with some solution to minimize damage with these (small, and easy to make) misstakes. Now, when deleting a file from the network, it doesn’t end up in the recycler, it just disappear :mad: