The devil himself?

I decided to clear out my fridge today. In order to get the courage to do this, I heaved a few beers down my throat. Armed with this slight intoxication as well as a huge butcher’s knife between my teeth and a broken glass bottle in my hand, I opened the fridge door, full of confidence, prepared for anything. Little could I have anticipated the little blue cheese-monster that came from nowhere and attacked me right between the eyes! I stabbed it with the bottle; one, two, three times, until it finally lay lifeless on the floor. Chocked, of course, I raised my eyes and met the horrifying sight of a five-month old sliced ham getting ready to attack me. I swear I saw death in its red eyes! With the bottle still stuck in the cheese, I jumped up and did a Jackie-Chan in the air. Heal of my foot was planted right on the ham with excellent precision. Proud (and chocked) of my performance, I stand up and tried to catch my breath when I saw the green thing coming from the right. I still don’t really know what it was, but it came from a white plastic jar, with a blue lid. I slammed the door closed with my left hand simultaneously with my right hand grabbing the knife and jammed it into the chink. A weird squeak came from the inside of the fridge. It took me at least five minutes before I dared opening the door again. Slowly, really slowly, I peeked into the cold hell, waiting for another attack. No sign of life, just a lonely ketchup bottle in there, nothing more.

I’m quite sure that I’ll take more care of my fridge contents from now on; wouldn’t want to experience this again ;)

New hobby!

One week ago, I invested in a new car. A small radio controlled 1:8 scales Off Road vehicle with a 3.5cc 2.1bhp glow-engine. It’s a lot of fun, but quite expensive. The car came assembled, but it didn’t take very long till the machine started falling into pieces. Now, I’ve disassembled the whole thing into molecules and waiting for spare parts. New aluminium shock absorbers and fresh ball bearings will hopefully make the car a little more stable. Suppose I’ll need new tires soon as well, since I found the fun in making roses on the tarmac :D

Good morning

Hot! HOT!
19°C outdoors, I have harvested my first tomato, I’ll save it for breakfast. Oh, I’m late for work, better get moving. Let’s hope this will be a nice monday :rolleyes:


Sunday night, still 20°C outdoors, 32 in my bedroom, work tomorrow. How the hell am I supposed to get any sleep in this heat? It’s impossible to imagine that I actually took a shower earlier; my body is all wet from sweat.
A phone call from a dear Finnish friend of mine tonight got me thinking of those cool summer nights up there last summer. It would be nice to be there now but all we have ahead is another eleven months of hard work :mad:


Rökfärgade sidoblinkers monterade. Läckert :P


Mina rökfärgade sidoblinker kom idag. Fyrahundrafemtifem spänn. Hutlöst! Har inte monterat dem än, det är ju en million grader varmt ute, går knappt andas.
I Lördags fick jag bänt isär mina dimljus fram och målat reflektorerna silver. Läckert!