Lägger upp en egen kopia av Kocks-Tina eftersom många söker efter den och hamnar här. Den andra länken verkar inte så pålitlig.

Kocks-Tina.zip (1.4MB)


The adult Guyana Y&B are done moulting. I found one more baby today but this time I won’t try taking any pictures. I’ll just leave them alone for another two, maybe three weeks. This one is approx 5-6 mm long and much more colorful than the first one. Comparing this baby with the adults, there is no difference at all, except of course the size.


Yes! Seems that “Kung Bore” finally woke up! We’ve got some snow here last night and yes, I will be playing with my car for the rest of the day ;)


Yeah, I forgot to write… The infant was killed the very same day I found him. Some moron looking for him under a piece of cucumber, for a photo-session, didn’t see the poor little fella when placing his big fat human thumb… :(
The moron is me of course.
Now, I can only hope there are more of them in the cage, but I will not find out for another few days, since I don’t want to disturb the adults while they are moulting.